TRP’s expertise in materials and design has been widely recognised within the specialist automotive and transport industries globally .

Past and current developments include bonded high performance gaskets for heavy diesel engines, large moulded sump gaskets, vibration control mountings, rail pads and rubber bushings.
With our leading expertise we know that you require mouldings, gaskets and seals that are able to operate at extreme temperatures under arduous conditions. TRP’s experienced technologists have developed a range of materials specifically to meet these requirements.

All TRP elastomer materials offer you outstanding long term performance and can be designed to operate at the outer limits of temperature expectations. TRP continues to review elastomer options for extending the temperature performance limits, and by careful on-going development and testing aims to offer you ever more effective protection against extreme environments.

TRP engineers use the latest CAD software to enable the swift transfer of data. With our purpose built technical centre, experienced engineers and 24/7 service. We believe we can rise to any challenge you could set us. Please contact us for more details.