TRP offer you field leading, custom design and manufacture of rubber components that can be used to isolate, seal, dampen and protect.

TRP’s U.K. based, purpose built specialist laboratory means they can be engineered to resist extremes of temperature, to be flexed, disassembled and re-used. Chemical and environmental extremes are easily met by today's improved formulations.

Elastomers have been developed to meet the needs of the new technologies including wind power, fuel cells and carbon capture as well as supporting changes in the traditional industries as they meet the challenge of changes in environmental legislation and the demands for improved efficiency.

Utilising many decades of experience as leaders in the field. Our technicians and sales engineers can advise on design solutions for customer needs.

With 24/7 service available, combined with rapid prototyping and order turnaround TRP can offer a speedy response, allowing products to be proved before committing to full production.