As your industry demands sealing to be made to meet the highest tolerances and produced under the cleanest of conditions. Utilising our many decades of experience, TRP ensure seals and gaskets conform to the relevant standards as well as provide sealing at all times without being degraded by CIP (clean in place) or SOP (sterilise in place) processes.

Using our area expertise TRP engineers have developed seals to minimise the possibility of product becoming trapped at the seal interface.


TRP specialises in designing and manufacturing high precision rubber moulded components made from FDA / BFR and USP VI -compliant materials.

Please contact us to discuss our range of EPDM, AFLAS®, FKM, Silicon, NBR and HNBR materials that are already being successfully used in these areas.

The very best in materials and process technologies plus total quality management is assured at every stage of the process. TRP offer field leading rapid prototyping, pricing and responsiveness ensuring a quick turnaround for you to receive your product.


AFLAS® is a registered trademark of the Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.