From sealing ammonia at temperatures between -45°C and 150°C to sealing high pressure, high temperature steam at over 200°C, External link opens in new tab or windowHVAC presents extremely challenging environments for the designer of sealing materials.

In addition to using gasket materials able to perform successfully at both high and low temperatures, you will often require gaskets that are able to minimise loss of refrigerant through permeation. In the design of these types of materials, TRP is an industry leader.

For low temperature refrigerant applications it is usual to use either specialist polychloroprene or low ACN nitrile materials. For higher temperatures, materials such as HNBR or propylene TFE co-polymer are often used, depending on choice of refrigerant.

For water or steam External link opens in new tab or windowHVAC applications TRP offers either EPDM or specialist fluoroelastomers for extremes of high temperature.

Whatever you require, TRP elastomer materials offer outstanding long term sealing performance and can often be designed to operate at the outer limits of temperature expectations. TRP continues to review elastomer options for extending the temperature performance limits. With careful on-going development and testing, TRP aims to offer you ever more effective protection against extreme environments.