TRP understand that your industry applications for elastomeric products generally require two key features. Firstly the product must provide excellent long term sealing over a wide range of temperatures and sealing conditions. Secondly, the risk of failure must be minimal since opportunities for seal replacement in service are often restricted.

Being a leading supplier of high performance elastomeric materials, TRP is an ideal partner for your company.

Today TRP can provide nitrile materials for oil coolers able to operate to 150°C continuously against most hydrocarbon lubricants. For water cooling the opportunities for operating temperature are even higher. EPDM materials can provide long term sealing at temperatures up to 165°C against hot water or steam. These materials have the benefits of truly outstanding longevity. They are also able to provide effective sealing when systems are shut-down and start up temperatures are well below freezing.

These are just two examples among many of the extreme performance solutions TRP can offer. Moreover, these materials are not only ideal for extreme environments but they provide distinct benefits for mid temperature applications. Most of the materials employed by TRP maximise resistance to long term deformation and have superior resistance to the effects of oxidation and other ageing environments deleterious to elastomeric materials.

If your challenge is finding a material for a problem sealing application — or simply enjoying the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you have a superior material in a more general application — then TRP is your perfect partner.