Natural oil and gas products often contain aggressive and corrosive mixtures of hydrocarbons and waste products. This means that the designer of materials for seals and gaskets has to specify the most carefully selected and compounded elastomers. TRP has an enviable reputation for getting everything right, every time.

As your industry has a broad range of sealing applications TRP know these might involve heating or cooling of lubricants, often at the extremes of temperature for elastomeric materials. Another application familiar to TRP is the heating and cooling of crude oil or gas. In the crude or unsweetened condition there are often aggressive contaminants, so the design and specification of the sealing material is of the utmost importance if component lifetime is to be maximised.

TRP is a leader in the design of high performance elastomers closely associated with the oil industry. These include NBR and HNBR for more general hydrocarbon applications, specialist low swell EPDMs for high amine applications and propylene TFE copolymer for the most severe applications where, for instance, a mixture of hydrocarbon, amine and hydrogen sulphide would prevent the use of any other elastomeric compound.

These are just a few of the industry leading materials and solutions offered by TRP.
Whatever your problem, the chances are you can tap fruitfully into TRP’s oil and gas expertise.