Speed of response wins order

TRP Sealing systems received a call from a new customer seeking a solution to a technical and delivery problem relating to a large rubber bonded component for use in the rail industry.

The design called for a rubber compound capable of withstanding high physical loads as well as insulating properties capable of withstanding 30,000 volts


The call was received at 10 am on a Friday. By mid-afternoon TRP had offered a technical solution and was able to provide a quotation.

The following Monday TRP received an order and was able to finalised the tool drawings and procure the tooling. Within three weeks the tooling was completed and available for trials.

Before contacting TRP the customer had been in contact with a number of potential suppliers but none had offered a workable solution within the tight timeframe required. 


The finished product was measured and tested by the customer who was able to meet the commitment to their OEM client.

The parts are now under long-term test.

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