Quick response and delivery keeps ships at sea

A marine customer was experiencing moisture ingress into a critical electronic area. The problem concerned an array of existing electrical connectors (120 in total) that were failing when subject to chemically treated water. The existing connectors contained multiple pins and sockets, and to change the assembly would have meant removing the cables completely before unsoldering all of the connections.


TRP’s solution was to design a sleeve and split bungs that could be clamped around the existing cables completely protecting the joint. In order to validate the design a sample mould was manufactured so parts could be assembled, pressure tested and the material subjected to accelerated testing using the treated water.


As part of the design TRP incorporated colour coding of the end caps in order to insure the correct cap was flitted to the cables (these varied in size). TRP provided the components, fitting clamps and assembly tooling ahead of their timing plan. TRP were able to complete the delivery of the whole package ahead of time allowing our customer to carry out staff training before the ship docked, and allowing them to complete their work on schedule and saving a considerable amount in potential lost revenue.

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