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Gender Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017.pdf

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, requires TRP to present its gender pay gap figures for workers in scope at 5th April 2017, and this information is set out below.


Having a workforce that is diverse and inclusive is important for a sustainable and successful business. As TRP values fairness, having a balance of genders is simply the right thing to do, and only by being inclusive can TRP realise the full potential of its employees.

However, the gender pay gap should not be confused by equal pay. Equal pay concerns pay differences between men and women who carry out the same jobs or work of equal value. The gender pay gap takes into account all jobs and is the difference between the average (mean or median) hourly earnings of men and women expressed as percentage of men’s earning.


Overall Gender split

At 5th April 2017 our workforce was 72% male and 28% female.

72% male

28% Female

Mean and median gender pay gap


Mean pay for men is 16.3% higher than for women.


The UK Average (Office of National Statistics) confirms that the mean pay for men is 17.7% higher than that of women.


Median pay for men is 10.2% higher than for women.


The UK Average (Office of National Statistics) confirms that the median pay for men is 18.8% higher than that of women.


We employ over twice more men than women and a greater proportion of our senior leadership team are men, which has an impact on the figures above. This trend is not unusual for companies in the industry we are in, but it raises a challenge and opportunity for TRP and us as an industry going forward.

Mean and median gender bonus payments


The mean bonus pay for men is 6.7% higher than for women.


The median bonus pay for men is 9.8% more than for women.


A disproportionate amount of women work in office roles and office personnel are not eligible for the productivity bonus scheme. Employees in those roles eligible for the productivity bonus have an equal opportunity to receive one.


The percentage of employees who receive bonus pay was 91% male and 88.8% female.

91% male


88.8% Female



Distribution of employees across the quartiles

The four quartiles are worked out based on pay band and show the gender distribution across TRP. There is a greater proportion of male employees in the upper two quartiles.


Bridging the gap – what is TRP doing about it?

TRP remain committed to inclusion and diversity, and gender balance will evolve. To this end we continue to work on a number of initiatives:

·       As far as possible we accommodate flexible working options ensuring we can be more inclusive and better support our employees throughout their career.

·       We challenge our HR team and recruitment companies to improve gender equality in all areas of our business, including the senior leadership team.

·       Minimise or eliminate unconscious bias.

·       We are reviewing the productivity bonus scheme in respect of which only factory operatives are eligible (and a greater proportion of men), with a possible transitioning to an attendance based eligibility for all weekly paid staff, reducing any gender imbalance. 


I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information and data reported is true as of the snapshot date 5th April 2017.



Simon Children

Managing Director

TRP Sealing Systems Limited.